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Karla McClain

Karla M.

Nurse Practitioner

“I do cardio on a bike 5x/week.  I chose FITOPIA to help build my lean muscle mass.  They have friendly staff and are flexible to meet my needs.  Their studio is always clean, and they provide a very encouraging/motivating environment.  With EMS I get a better workout with lesser period of time and I am seeing results!”

Colleen Plaut

Colleen P.


“I wanted to incorporate weight training in addition to Pilates.  I also want to be in shape to play tennis.  FITOPIA provides me a way to do a full-body workout without putting strain on my joints.  And the trainers hold me accountable.”

Tom C.

Small Business Owner

“I wanted to rebuild my muscles, 1:1 training and being a business owner, I don’t have time.  At FITOPIA, I checked off all of my needs right away.  They maintain their studio well and it is clean.  I also found their EMS to help with my chronic back pain.”

Carol Nordloh

Carol N.


“The benefits I receive from FITOPIA are innumerable. I can get a great workout despite my physical limitations. The trainers are so in tune to my specific needs and the entire staff creates such a fun and inviting atmosphere.”

Jeff T.

Radio Personality

“What I love about FITOPIA is how efficient their workout is. Love the people at the studio. I have a very busy schedule. I am just not able to fit 3-4 conventional workouts during the week. FITOPIA is a huge timesaver for me. With the benefit of EMS technology, I can really feel it working.”

Karen D.


“It’s a kick-a** workout. I love how each one of the straps works on specific muscle areas and with different settings, I can focus on each muscle group.  I am just enjoying my workouts and I am really building my cardio.  I am feeling much feeling better since I started working out here.  I would ask people to come on out and try FITOPIA.”

Dave E.


“Even though I have a treadmill-desk, I still find myself sitting a lot.  I want to continue to tone my muscles and incorporate an efficient workout routine.  I have a busy schedule and FITOPIA’s 20-minute workouts fit my schedule just right.”

Stacy Reisinger

Stacy R.


“As a busy mom who has limited time, FITOPIA’s 20-minute workouts fit my schedule.  I get more from this workout than any other workout I do.”

Kirsten (left) and Samantha (right) Sommer

Kirsten (left) and Samantha (right) S.

Mom and Daughter

“We wanted to get back into shape.  We belonged to another gym before but, the class environment didn’t focus on us.  We like FITOPIA’s personal training approach.  The staff are professional and focus on our goals.”

Emily Connors

Emily C.

Bakery Technologist

“I really like that you can target certain muscle groups that I can’t target on my own and I really like the atmosphere here at FITOPIA. Everyone is really nice, and it is a very inviting place.”

Joe W.

State Trooper

“FITIOPA has gotten me into a workout groove.  The staff hold themselves and me accountable.  EMS is different than any other workout I’ve done.  I love the workouts and I am seeing results in weight loss and muscle toning.”

Amy Elam

Amy E.

LMT & Nurse

“At FITOPIA, you really feel the burn! I know I do and its awesome!”