EMS Positively Impacts Elite Athletes

Background: Researchers studies effect of 14-week dynamic EMS training on muscular strength, sprint, jump, kicking velocity in elite soccer players during competitive season

Method: 22 Soccer field-players were selected – 12 were test group (EMS) and 10 were control group (jump-training). Training was conducted twice a week concurrent to 6-7 soccer training sessions during 2ND half of the season. Players were tested before (baseline), during (week 7) and after (week 14).

Finding: 14-week in-season EMS program significantly increased one-leg maximal strength at the leg press machine and improved linear sprinting, sprinting with direction changes, and vertical jumping performance and kicking velocity. The training-group (control group) showed no changes in strength and performance.

Conclusion: Two sessions of EMS, in addition to 6-7 soccer sessions, per week, can be effective for significantly enhancing soccer relevant performance capacities in professional players during competitive season.

Research Paper: Filipovic, Andre (December 2016) “Effects of a Whole-Body Electrostimulation Program on Strength, Sprinting, Jumping, and Kicking Capacity in Elite Soccer Players.” Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 15. pp. 639-648

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