EMS Is a Time-Effective, Joint-Friendly Training Method to Reduce Non-Specific Lower Back Pain

Background: Researchers conducted WB-EMS trial to determine the corresponding effect on chronic, nonspecific LBP in people with chronic LBP.

Method: Thirty patients, 40-70 years old, with Lower Back Pain were assigned to Test group (15 patients) and Control group (15 patients). Test group underwent WB-EMS once a week for 12 weeks with slight movements, specifically dedicated to LBP.

Finding: Mean intensity of LBP in Test group improved significantly. Maximum isometric trunk extensors improved significantly. Isometric trunk flexors also improved significantly.

Conclusion: WB-EMS is a time-effective training method for reducing chronic non-specific LBP and increasing maximum trunk strength in people with such complaints.

Research Paper: Weissenfels, Anja (2018) “Effects of whole-body electromyostimulation on chronic nonspecific low back pain in adults: a randomized controlled study.” Journal of Pain Research 11. pp. 1949-1957

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